CROATIA - Croatian Adriatic coast because of its unique and beautiful diversity is considered to be the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Nowhere in the Mediterranean there is so many islands, undisturbed inlets, reefs basking in the sun, picturesque beaches, cities and places full of beauty. A country with "1000 island" offers crystal clear sea, thick Mediterranean vegetation, unique and spectacular nature and mild climate.

TROGIR - Over 2800 yeas of history and living in this city-monument were always in harmony, creating a spectacular image of cultural progress and joy of living. That was the ain reason for UNESCO's inclusion of Trogir to the World Heritage List. Visit Trogir and feel the beauty of antique monuments, mystic streets and a harmony of colours and forms of artistic achievements.

Located in the area with mild Mediterranean climate, Trogir with its 2700 sun hours per year is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. Over 100 bistros and restaurants in the town centre offer enjoyment in the Dalmatian specialities prepared in the traditional way and there is an also a selection of seafood restaurants. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Trogir during the Trogir Summer festival and enjoy in the folklore dances and outdoor concerts.

As you can see from this photo gallery Trogir attracted many celebrities like: Nikki Lauda, Eccelstone Bernie, Princess Stefani of Monaco etc.